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I was cooking chicken with bodum Lasagna Dish. About 80 minutes into cooking my oven started to smoke. I had this item for 1 year. An entire corner of the dish and brooken off. Apparently this has happened to other susing their product.

Bodum is very clear they do no warranty their glass products. When I called them up the person on the line basically sounded like they couldn't care less if I was burnt or what happened. They suggested writting what appears to be a neaningless letter to their sales department and now that I know their warranty As I wrote on my Amazon review I can use the other dish I bought as a shallow planter.

This all comes after I bought a Pyrex dish about 2 years ago which shattered. At least the company I bought that from offered another dish, but instead I spent almost $90 to buy this instead.

All I know is that my old white Corningware and Old colored Pyrex has never had an issue for some 30 years of use. Apparently claims that they make pyrex the good old fashioned way is some very short comings.

In the ned I am glad that I was not seriously injured....but beware of claims from this company on their glass cookware.....!!!!!!

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