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I was given a Bodum Classic Carafe by my brother at Christmas. I have taken very good care of it and enjoyed making tea with something my brother gave me. I recognized its fragility, however, immediately in the design of how the tea press meets the glass carafe: 3 spring action prongs that produce friction against the glass carafe neck every time it is pulled in or out.

My "Classic" carafe yesterday had a chip on it, indeed where the tea press "clip" would abrade against the glass, and so I called customer service to replace it. I would have spent nearly the full amount to replace it, as my brother gave it to me.I was therefore astounded when Customer service informed me that they do not replace the glass, and that I would have to buy the whole item again, glass carafe and brewer, if I wanted the classic tea brewer. My was the 40 oz model, so close to sixty some dollars.

Obviously, I was curious to ask them how such a problem in design would be avoided for me the second time around, should I decide to repurchase. The customer service representative told me that they had changed the design and confirmed that now no metal touches the glass at all, but rather the cowl is now completely protected by rubber gasketing. She asserted that the new design is not to address any potential breakage issues, such as that which occured to me, but to make sure the tea brewer does not fall off/out of any glass kettles as one is pouring the tea and that it fit all glass kettles/carafes in their collection universally. Lastly, she went onto say Bodum USA had never had a single report of such a defect-that the glass is more subject to breakage at the abrasion point- in the Classic Tea Brewer, and I congratulated myself on being the only person in the United States that had such a problem.

So, I am left with a stainless steel tea brewer insert to throw away and a choice to buy the "newly designed" bodum classic kettle.

I will not buy the new kettle or any other Bodum products for that matter. It does not seem the company is interested in admitting or addressing its own very obvious defects and I find it hard to justify an additional investment in such a company, when such a problem may repeat itself and no responsibility taken would be taken for faulty design.

Now I am left to throw out the stainless steel brewer...What a waste of material!

I am still grateful to my brother for having thought of me at Christmas!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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