I was washing a brand new, never used Bodum Canteen double walled glass. I was being very gentle and the glass shattered. My finger was sliced open and the cut was so deep that the bone was exposed. It gushed blood and I was rushed to the hospital. I ended up needing an x-ray to ensure that I didn't have shards of glass inside my finger and then received five stitches. My hand is marred, I had to miss days of work because of the injury, and had numerous hospital bills.

Since the incident, I have seen another glass break in my presence and the user was not being rough with the glass. I also had a manager of a Starbucks (a location that sells these cups) tell me that he has pictures from an incident last year when the same cup sliced his palm open from just picking the glass up. And I have also read numerous reviews online saying that this cup is too delicate, breaks easily, and is unsafe. The cup is clearly a product liability.

I called Bodum to report the incident and voice my concern about the safety of the product. They refuse to answer my emails and phone calls. Not only is this company selling dangerous products, but their customer service is terrible. Ignoring me shows a complete lack of concern and blatant disrespect for their consumers.

(product link: http://www.bodum.com/us/en-us/shop/detail/10108-10/?navid=266)

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Threaten to sue them. This is Bodum's liabilty.

Once you threaten to sue (or go on youtube) this might go beyond the customer service rep who usually deletes those kind of emails.


Hi there

I have just seen this page

A couple of years ago I was the one who checked the quality for the Nordic market

Back then the problem with extremely thin walls existed with some of the shipments from china where the glasses are produced and we had to throw some out or ship them back to china

I'm surprised that customer service didn't respond to your complaint

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